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Some people just like to do it big. They love the adrenaline and the feeling of being truly alive. They live for the challenge of doing something risky and reap the rewards of it. Did you know that we can find hefty of these people in the world of soccer bets, too?

We created one of our services specifically for this kind of people. By purchasing this premium subscription, you can enjoy our solid combo of more than three selections that create a hulking 10.00+ odds. Just imagine the types of numbers you can reach with these odds.

We won't lie to you - it's a risky affair, but it's also created for brave bettors who want to push their limits. Our fantastic team of tipsters spends a lot of time building you a killer combo that could beat the markets.

The critical factor here is preparation - you must know how to pick the right games but also look at the proper markets as well. Some of our tipsters specialize precisely in these odd high combos. We understand that many bettors would get scared of such numbers, but trust us - there's a way to make it work.

To make the overall odds go as high as 10.00, we need a volume regarding the number of selections. It means that we use at least three different games/markets in our strategy. Sometimes the number could increase to four or five, but it shouldn't scare you - our tipsters well plan everything.

NawBet tipsters' experience is one of the main reasons why we make such risky bets work. We always make enormous efforts to create the best possible team. Each one of our tipsters has an enormous background in the betting business. We only hire people who can prove their expertise by numbers and success rate - otherwise, they wouldn't be in the team.

Our 10.00+ Combo is targeted at a specific type of betting enthusiasts. We certainly don't recommend it to bettors who don't like risky business. You'd need a different mindset to put your money in such a challenging affair. But if you decide to do so, we are here to help you and guide you on the right way.

With our stunning 10.00+ Combo Bet, you'd get an exquisite selection of three or more games picked by our best tipsters. Remember that we can't guarantee you wins - nobody really can, but we can move you as close as possible to succeed. The 10.00+ Combo Bet is one of our most exciting subscriptions, and we have noticed a significant rise in purchases made lately. It should tell us just one thing - these combos are starting to get more popular among soccer betting fans.

Our 10.00+ Combo Bet is a terrific way to get more excitement from your betting enterprise. It's risky, but it also moves you closer to winnings you've never achieved before. Through our exclusive subscription, you can see why thousands of people prefer these types of bets globally.

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07.07.2022 VIP NawBet Over 10.00 Odds

Everton - Chelsea 2 2.05 odd

Crystal Palace - Arsenal 2 2.25 odd

West Ham - Manchester City Over 3.5 goals 2.50 odd

VIP 11.54 odd

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