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We can say that handball is a bit underrated sport. It's exciting and always fun to watch, but somehow not even close to the popularity of soccer or basketball. We don't know the reasons for this, but one could wonder. It doesn't mean that handball is not popular among bettors, though. In the world of sports betting, handball has its place.

This article will discuss three of the most famous types of handball bets. Maybe it would increase your interest in this sport? It's really not that bad. In most cases, for these bets, bookies award odds between 1.70 and 2.10. It means they are good choices for every bettor.

1/2 - pick the winner

Picking the winner is your most fundamental bet in every sport. You just have to predict who will win the game in question. It looks simple, but it's actually not so much. Otherwise, bookies will go bankrupt while we will become millionaires.

1/2 means that we have to predict which team will win this game. As you can imagine, the team with better chances will have significantly smaller odds. It means you can bet on the underdog and enjoy the higher odds. But it's risky - in most cases, the underdog loses. It's completely normal.


Handball is a game of goals. The team which scores more goals wins the game. When we place the Over/Under bet, we try to predict how many goals we will see in a game.

You should know that handball is a more dynamic sport compared to soccer. We see more goals here as well. According to statistics, we should see between 20 and 35 goals in a regular handball game - much more than soccer.

When we bet Over/Under, we must predict how many goals we will see in total. If we bet on Over 25, it means that we need at least 26 goals to see our bet succeed.


When we talk about betting, Handicap means that we give one of the two teams an advantage.

For example, let's imagine that Team A plays against Team B in a handball game. We can use the Handicap and give Team B five goals advantage. It would mean that the game starts with a 0-5 scoreline. Now Team A must win with at least six goals of difference to win the game.

Handicap is a fun way to bet and increases odds, but you should be careful - it could go wrong quickly.

These are three of the most common Handball bets you can find. It's a fun sport, but you should do solid research before placing a bet. We wish you good luck!

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07.07.2022 VIP NawBet Handball Single

Montpellier - Porto Over 58.5 goals 1.95 odd

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