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Basketball is an exciting sport that became worldwide famous thanks to the NBA and stars such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James.

Now you can see millions of people betting on it every day. Basketball is enormously popular among the bookies, and you can imply different betting strategies.

But do you know three of the most popular types of basketball bets? Usually, the bookies give them odds between 1.70 and 2.10 which means an excellent opportunity for the gamblers. Here they are:

1/2 - winner of the game

Literally the most basic way to bet on a basketball game - to pick the winner. As you know, there are no draws in a basketball fixture. It means that we will always have a winner.

Usually, there are favorites and underdogs in basketball. Sometimes the difference is insignificant, while there's a massive gap regarding the team's quality in other cases. It's dictating the bookies' odds - the favorite gets the smaller odds and the opposite.

In most cases, the underdog will lose, but remember that surprises can happen. You should always build your strategy having this in mind.


As we know very well, basketball is a game of points. It's very dynamic, and the result changes all the time, which makes this sport very different from soccer.

When we bet on Over/Under, we predict how many points will be scored in total in a particular game. For example, if we have a game that ends 90:80, it means that 170 points in total have been scored. If we had a bet that we would see Over 165 points, it means that we won the bet.

It's a bit more complex than just picking the winner, but you could use some strategies to research the two teams and make a firm prediction. For example, you can look at how many points these teams usually score in their games? This would give you a clear view of the perspectives.

Handicap points

The handicap concept in betting is pretty simple - we give one of the two teams an advantage before the start of the game.

Let's say Golden State Warriors are playing Orlando Magic in the NBA. The Warriors are the obvious favorite based on current shape and quality. That's why we give the Magic an advantage of 15 points, for example. Now the Warriors must win the game with at least 16 points advantage to beat the handicap.

The handicap option is a terrific way to increase your odds, even when betting on the stronger team to win.

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07.07.2022 VIP NawBet Basketball Single

Barcelona - Maccabi Tel Aviv Barcelona -5.5 1.90 odd

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